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Fran: Thank you for all your help over the past months. I am very pleased to be your first ever pass with no minor faults. Thank you x

Ash: Drive With Pride was my second driving instructor based on the recommendation of a friend. My first had turned out to be a waste of time and I was sceptical when it came to choosing another instructor. I can honestly say that had I known about Drive With Pride in the beginning I would not have considered any other instructors and subsequently would not have wasted my money on the first. Drive With Pride were extremely professional and always made me feel very comfortable when driving. The cost of learning to drive is certainly not cheap but they turned out to be one of the least expensive driving instructors in the area. The car is clean and comfortable. The focus and aim of every lesson is discussed clearly before the start of every lesson and my instructor was happy to answer any question that I had. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive that you strongly consider starting with Drive With Pride. I know many people that have all passed with Drive With Pride and thanks to the expert instruction I passed my test with only 1 minor.I cannot fault Drive With Pride on anything and because of my own experience with them I now recommend them to anyone who asks me who I learnt to drive with and I certainly recommend them to you.

Annie: Drive With Pride was my second driving company that I learnt with and I was very impressed with the way Roger made driving seem so simple. I felt at ease and comfortable throughout the rest of my driving lessons and passed first time with only 3 minors.

Emma: Roger was an amazing driving instructor and a pleasure to learn to drive with. He helped me to pass first time too. I would, and indeed have, recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive, not only to pass the exam but to become a very good driver too. Thank you Roger for everything.


Ben: Roger is an exceptional ADI who helped me to pass first time. Suffering from mild cerebral palsy, I was not confident initially with my ability to control a manual vehicle. Roger reassured me and helped me. I fully recommend Roger.


Beth: I passed first time. An excellent teacher and style of teaching that can suit everyone. I fully recommend Roger.






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